Duralock Fencing for Racecourse and Equestrian at Ascot

When you’re working with horses, you can’t compromise on safety or strength. That’s why Duralock’s equestrian systems are world leaders: the unique qualities of the post and rail system make it not just incredibly strong but Duralock racerail is internationally acclaimed as safe, easy to install and competitive.

Smooth, rounded surfaces plus the fencing’s ability to flex against the weight of horse and rider, significantly reduce the risk of injury. In very high impact situations, the rail is designed to spring out to minimise harm to horse or rider, and then may be quickly and easily assembled.

As well as a range of fencing systems, Duralock also makes mid course running rails, jump wings and moveable systems. All of our equestrian equipment shares the same durability and quality of construction, which is why it’s popular for such a wide range of equestrian uses: everything from racing to dressage.

We understand that every equestrian environment is different, so we’re always ready to create designs that fit your precise requirements.


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Duralock PVC equestrian and horse fencing

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