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School Fencing Duralock PVC

Duralock fencing works hard for you. The robust PVC-u construction withstands heavy use in all weathers without warping, splitting or breaking. Your investment is complete once the fencing system is installed; no painting or varnishing and no maintenance in the future.

Duralock’s adaptable fencing systems are readily adaptable to a wide range of commercial uses, from factories to retail outlets. Whether you want to secure factory boundaries or install lifting barriers for a new car park, the common factor is dependability.

Our long list of commercial clients, stretching from the Orkneys to Cornwall, is testament to the value for money we offer. Clients include caravan parks, retail outlets, garages and hospitals to name a few.

Choosing fencing for your school is one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make with Duralock, our robust fences are strong enough to withstand heavy treatment, which means no worries about how they’ll stand up to kids letting off steam outdoors. Strong and extremely safe for all ages with no sharp edges or exposed metal, Duralock fencing will enhance the look of your school.

DSC_0041 DSC_0048

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Duralock PVC fencing for Schools and Commercial applications

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