Ascot’s Ascension to Glory

Royal Ascot starts tomorrow! Here is a look back into the history of this most iconic of courses, posted on this site last year…

Duralock's Friday Feeling

Our racecourses in Britain are all national treasures, but perhaps that which is most alluring in the proverbial treasure chest of jewels, is Ascot Racecourse. With a rich history spanning a huge 300 years, Ascot is arguably the most iconic course in Britain, known worldwide as host to some of the most prestigious, main events in the racing calendar.

Here, we delve into the deep past and the developments which led Ascot Racecourse into the prime position in which it stands to this day.

The saga begins over three centuries ago, in 1711, as Queen Anne was riding out near Windsor Castle. She spotted an area of land which sparked her imagination, which would later lead to exceptional plans. She saw potential in a heath of land and deemed it as ‘ideal for horses to gallop at full strength.’ Within the year, plans were put into action and the first…

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