Mission Air Ambulance: Accomplished!

For the last six months or so, not only have we been extremely busy manufacturing and delivery the best, quality PVCu fencing (in our humble opinion of course!), but we have also been supporting a fundraising appeal which has become very important to us here at Duralock.

Working closely with the equestrian and sports industries, we know how much can go drastically wrong and how quickly! A wrong move or a spooked horse can quickly turn into a fatal situation. And with such cases, the response time is often vital. Team this with the accident happening in a rural location and you have a situation which can often require an Air Ambulance.

Our story starts with our Managing Director’s brother, David Seel who only a year ago suffered from a burst varicose vein whilst out, losing 5 pints of blood! David was rescued by an Air Ambulance whose dedicated and skilled on-board crew stemmed the blood flow and effectively saved David’s life.


This wasn’t the first time an Air Ambulance had come to the rescue of someone close to the family as in a previous and unrelated case, Brian Cook fell off a ladder in David’s garden, onto a stone terrace. This caused significant back injuries, but Brian was airlifted to hospital where his injuries were successfully treated.

These two incidents sparked David to do something big and give back to those who gave to him. David organised a committee and enlisted the help of different people, including ourselves to help support the worthy cause. The two chosen charities that were picked to receive the donations were the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance and the Great Western Air Ambulance. These two are local to both David and ourselves and we believe that as well as branching worldwide, supporting local is also equally important!

And so it began! A meeting was called, we were delegated our side of the battle-plan and the ball was rolling! Leaflets were made, people were contacted and letters were sent. We were extremely pleased with the support that people offered and the kindness people showed!

The plan was to have two different parts to the fund-raising so that everyone could be a part of it: from home and at the forefront of the action! The first part was the Website and Online Auction. This allowed everyone to be a part of the fun by placing bids on the dozens of fantastic prizes that companies and individuals kindly donated. Lots included holidays, artwork, tickets to see Lee Evans, VIP tours, signed memorabilia, jewellery, Tiger Moth flights and wine amongst many others! The competition between bidders was tight and the lots understandably sought after! The online auction was a huge success and we are extremely happy and proud to announce that it alone, raised more than £18,000!


The next stage in the fund-raising was a spectacular evening of racing at Cheltenham racecourse on Wednesday 30th of April. Supporters were invited to attend the Hunter Chase Evening Meeting where there was an after-race dinner which was followed by another, main auction! The atmosphere, company and entertainment combined led to a fantastic evening for all and an epic fund-raising achievement.

The combined moneys raised exceeded expectations by far with a total upwards of £130,000! We are extremely proud and feel privileged to have been involved with the Air Ambulance Charity Event and we would like to also thank everyone who gave so generously, in order to keep our Air Ambulances in the air and saving lives!

There is still the possibility to help! You may be unaware that Air Ambulances receive absolutely no Government funding and rely completely on public donations. This is surprising and shocking considering the amount and frequency that Air Ambulances are required and how valuable they are to our medical care.

You never know when you or someone that you know may need an air ambulance, so don’t leave it to chance! Please visit the website where you can still donate!



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