Duralock’s 2013 Christmas Countdown

On the First day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
New opportunities and first-time clients

2013 has been a year of many firsts. Firstly, in this list of firsts, we attended the Rugby Expo at Twickenham stadium. This was such an exciting event, both in the run-up, getting to grips with the clubs and also in the two days we were there demonstrating our products to the rugby Gods… premiership and grass-roots! However, perhaps more importantly than this, we also gained an array of bright, sparkly new clients. These included Turlood Stables, a vast new equestrian centre in the Dominican Republic as well as Middlesborough Football Club training grounds to name but a few! It’s so great to get some fresh customers on board and know that the Duralock brand is so well-trusted and as such is becoming increasingly popular across the world in the sports and equestrian sectors! Let’s not forget our returning customers though! The fact that our clients come back time and again to order more from us is testament to the quality and tried and tested results of Duralock fencing!

On the Second day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
A Collaboration of two companies’ expertise

Race Control has been revealed! This year we were able to introduce one of our new products, the Race Control, which has been developed together with Race Systems Ltd, to offer the ultimate warning system for racecourses worldwide.
Check out our website to know more and be the first to see the system before it spreads across racecourses worldwide.

On the Third day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
Racing rewards for director of Duralock FR

Jean-Philippe raced at the Prix du Conseil Generale des Yvelines at Maisons-Laffitte, where he placed third in an exciting race. Our very own Managing Director was there to cheer him on and offer all of our support from Duralock. Click here to find out more…

Duralock Jean Philippe Boisgontier wins third

On the Fourth day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
One of the most prestigious polo grounds in the UK.
This year saw Dallas Burston choose Duralock fencing for their beautiful grounds near Southam. We were extremely pleased to have been chosen for these awe-inspiring grounds and have had many kind words expressed to us about just how good our fencing looks and really sets off the impressive club. Keep your eyes peeled for photos to show exactly what we’re talking about, we will be posting them as soon as we can get Ben to take them!

On the Fifth day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
Social Media Success

Our Twitter has really taken off in the last couple of months since we have got properly involved within the world of little blue birds and have been posting daily content. Now, three months on, we have over five times (You may start to notice the tenuous links we are making with the numbers here!) more followers than we did in September! Getting to know all of our followers and interact and create relationships with them has been a very enlightening process, and we are so glad that we can be involved and that so many people are interested in following us and knowing what we have to say!

Jump on the bandwagon and follow us on Twitter

On the Sixth day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
A perfectly performing product
In June (the sixth month…the links are getting weaker, but run with us!) this year, Paul Hanaghan had a very unfortunate incident at Ascot Racecourse which tested our fencing in a true ‘field test’. Duralock racerail performed and reacted exactly as expected and minimised the injury that could have been obtained.

On the Seventh day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
Bordeaux Steeple Chase Beginnings
On September the twenty-7th, Duralock jumps were debuted as the hunt horses lined up at the beginning of the first, entirely right handed steeple-chase at the Bouscat Racecourse in Bordeaux. Duralock were specifically chosen for their safety element and concerned design. Our range or jumps have become extremely popular in France and are creating quite the hype, soon to be doing the same over here in the UK! If you can remember any of your French lessons from school, why not take a look at the jumps in moving-picture, with this little video, produced by Jean-Philippe Boisgontier, director of Duralock FR.

On the Eighth day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
The Salon du Cheval Show
The Salon du Cheval took place at the beginning of this month, from the 30th November to the 8th December in Paris. Lead by Jean Philippe, a range of our fencing was displayed to draw in the crowds at the huge equestrian exhibition!

Duralock Salon du Cheval

On the Ninth day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
Travels and Trade

This year, Jeremy Seel, our managing director, travelled to the nine wonders of the world, well… that’s not exactly true… but he did travel the world extensively in the name of business. Destinations included: Hohhot in Inner Mongolia for the China Equine Cultural Festival, Shanghai for HORFA, France to meet with Jean-Philippe Boisgontier, the Middle East to meet with clients and our agent, also, India, South Africa, and Jeremy travelled to America in May too!

On the Tenth day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
Showground Surroundings
Really, this should be on the 11th, as it was Movember as you can tell by Ben’s glorious moustache, however 11 was taken, so 10 it is! This year we attended the ASAO (Association of Showgrounds and Agricultural Organisations) show in Newbury. It was a chance for Ben to catch up with our clients and contacts in the showground industry, as well as an opportunity to demonstrate just how good and how versatile our fencing is and why it is so suitable for showgrounds. The event took place on the 8th-10th November and with Ben’s repertoire of poses, we were able to drum up some great interest in our products and are excited about the development within this sector! Watch this space 2014!

Duralock rep at ASAO

On the Eleventh day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
11 Celebrating Staff

Last Thursday saw Duralock staff scrub up for a respectable Christmas dinner to celebrate all the hard work that has been put in this year to achieve all the above on this list and a whole lot more which hasn’t been mentioned! It was a lovely opportunity for us all to get together, chill out, eat, drink and be merry! Crackers were pulled and in true Christmas style, paper hats were donned and awful jokes were read out and groaned at! Well, if nothing else, we are sticklers for tradition!

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, Duralock gave to me:
Well Wishes for the Winter
Finally, all of us at Duralock, would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Tree-01


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