Social Networking Works… A ‘Little Blue Birdie’ Told Us So.

Social networking for fencing… sounds like an odd concept doesn’t it? Who’s going to ‘follow’ a fence? Or ‘like’ a fence (apart from a horse with an itchy back)? Well actually, we stand to prove that it’s not actually that peculiar. And whilst we are on the subject, we aren’t just ‘a fence’! We are a range of market-leading innovative PVC fencing systems and behind all that we are a service-driven, dedicated team (It’s quite the package we offer!)

With the constant developments in technology, today’s route into the online community isn’t so straightforward as it might first appear and it is definitely not as simple as clicking on a ‘sign-up’ button, creating a profile and expecting the masses to come to you. No, no, no, there must be effort, planning and perseverance!

Many advisors say that you should carefully evaluate your options and take the best routes which suit you and your business. We’ve thought about this, the factors we took into account and we talk you through our very own decisions and thought processes.

First of all, there are a few things that you might want to consider before creating your destiny on the ol’ World Wide Web:

Which social media should you pick

Who’s your guy?

Deciding who exactly you would like to reach is the first crucial step in picking the most suitable social networking sites; or in fact, deciding whether this is the correct course for your business at all. For example, with a very sparse percentage of social network users being of pensioner age, perhaps it is not the best way in which to promote, say, a chairlift brand, effectively. On the other hand, maybe it would be a good outlet if the target audience was in fact the sons and daughters of said pensioners who may then refer your company to their parents. Have a plan, have an idea and have an understanding.

At Duralock, our client range is so diverse and ranges such a considerable amount in sector, interests and age that we knew we would be able to reach some of our people through social media. The online equestrian and sporting communities are huge, vibrant and exciting and we wanted to be included in this, seems as our PVC fencing is developed with these areas in mind. We wanted to get involved with the people on a daily basis, see what scores the sports clubs are getting cheer the horses on, admire the great work that goes on at racecourses across the country, and congratulate the showground attendee with their largest marrow. Our aim is to form great relationships with people across the world with similar interests and to learn and grow our expertise from their own, seeing what gets them going: what it is that makes them tick, makes them laugh, makes them cry and connect with them.

What the point?

What do you intend to do through social media for your company and how will this benefit your business? Do you wish to spread a particular message, are you trying to make your brand name widely known, is it a hosting page for exclusive offers? Knowing this before you jump in will allow you to make the most out of your online social presence and demonstrate to your audience exactly what your purpose is.

Our PVC fencing speaks for itself throughout the industry as a market leader so, at Duralock, we wanted a voice behind the fencing, coming from the heart of the company, behind the scenes. We aim to inform and update our followers; show them all the latest developments and all the best pictures. We look to gather a network of people with similar interests, bringing them together for great conversation, fun games and insightful articles. As a UK business based in Oxfordshire working on a worldwide scale, we want to share our excitement for our company with everyone! The aim was to create an online platform where our clients and others, could share in our success and come together.

‘The good thing about social media is that it is less about what the brand tells the consumer, and more about what the consumers tell each other’

– Richard Golding, Creative Director at Read Aloud

Picking social media

Where’s Your Best Bet?

If it is something that you are thinking of doing, or perhaps have dabbled in but never quite got the hang of, our advice would be to check out your options: what suits your business? Research smaller, more focussed networking sites that may cater for your target audience, for example, we chose Haynet, the equestrian blogging site. The people on there are fantastic, like-minded individuals with a great eye and mind for all things horse! On a more general basis, here at Duralock we also have a LinkedIn profile, for all of our business and client contacts with regular business-related content, a Twitter page to keep everyone up to date and for us to connect with everyone we follow and those who follow us and see what everyone is getting up to and a Facebook page for us to update, engage and have a bit of fun.

Oh and don’t forget this blog! But this isn’t work! This is all good fun!

The proof is in the proverbial pudding…

These tips are all things that we at Duralock have personally considered and we think they are great basic starting points for anyone looking at transferring their grounded company into the internet realms!

Whilst we have only just really emerged onto the social media scene, we already have a great group of followers across our social networking sites, ranging from racecourses to rugby clubs to business developers, and everyone in between! We appreciate each and every single quirky, knowledgeable character and we connect with them for so many reasons. Not only that, but the community which we have developed through our followers are supportive, embracing and encouraging.

On our Twitter page in the past few months, we have more than quadrupled the number of followers we have and our Facebook likes have more than doubled! For this we are very proud, not because it is a higher number showing up on our profiles, but because we are glad that people are interested in what we have to say and want to join us on our journey!

If you haven’t yet, click the links of our other pages throughout the blog post and follow/like us on our social media outlets, we would really appreciate your support too!

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