Our Winning Team and Photo Stream

Well, hasn’t it been a busy old couple of weeks?! And we’re not just talking about Duralock HQ! With the Rugby League World Cup keeping us glued to our screens as we watched a fantastic game last weekend (even though England did lose out to Australia) and this weekend’s England vs. Ireland, with a triumphant win to England; we find ourselves with so much going on, in the office and out!

We want to start with a huge congratulations to our director of Duralock France, Jean-Philippe Boisgontier as he won third place in the Prix du Conseil Generale des Yvelines at Maisons-Laffitte! Our Managing Director, Jeremy Seel, made the journey over to France to cheer on one of our own at the Racecourse and celebrate in his success! We were sent this photo straight after it was taken so the rest of the team could join in the fun! Jean-Philippe can be seen below in his starry-eyed colours! So well done from all of us over here in the UK!

Duralock Jean Philippe Boisgontier wins third

The last few weeks has also seen another birthday! Tamsin’s another year younger and in true Duralock style, the baking commenced once again and Sarah bought in a masterpiece creation with red sugar-filigree aplenty! Watch out Great British Bake-Off, we’ve got the skills! Happy Birthday Tamsin!

In fantastical fencing based news, we’ve had some great snapshots from our latest instalments. Both of which incidentally come from across the seas! First of all from South Africa at the newly developed Fairview Racecourse in Port Elizabeth. The course was recently raced and as soon as we get some news on the races, we’ll let you know how it went! But we are all very proud of the outcome and we think that paired with the Polytrack surface from Martin Collins, the racecourse now looks a treat! If our South African followers are reading, let us know if you’ve been along to the new track and tell us how you think it’s improved! We’d love to hear from you.

Duralock Fencing at Fairview Racecourse

We also received some great artistic shots from Dragey, where the installation was in progress! It’s great to see evidence of our ongoing ability to conquer the globe with our innovative fencing! The way it is been requested and accepted on a world-wide basis is testament to the quality of Duralock’s products and of the top-notch service we strive to offer! We can’t wait to show you more and more photo’s, maybe one day we can compile a nice little photo-album or scrapbook of Duralock fencing in every country… like an over-enthusiastic tourist! Perhaps it won’t be able to do the ‘peace’ sign in every snapshot though!

 Duralock Fencing at Normandy Racecourse

This week, our website development team from Mark-Making in Chipping Norton also popped over to give us some great tips and tricks so that we can make sure the website is in tip-top condition! So over the next few weeks, make sure you check it out, as we plan to be adding many more posts in our news sections and if you have a little nose around, you may find some great new little bits and pieces!

And if you are regular visitor of our Blog/ Twitter/ Website/ Facebook, you will be completely in the know of our upcoming shows… but for those of you out there who are new to us (welcome!)… This month sees us attending the ASAO conference in Newbury to meet up with all the showground representatives and show them all the great options we can offer them for their facilities. Then it’s on to the Rugby Expo in Twickenham where Julie and Ben will be chatting to all of the Rugby lads and lasses and demonstrating the safe, strong and exceptional quality of Duralock fencing for the pitch! Last but not least at the very end of November, our previously mentioned Director of Duralock France, Jean-Philippe, will be heading over to the Salon du Cheval in Paris. This is a great show for all people interested in equestrianism and sees thousands of visitors through the doors in the run up to Christmas. With extravagant demonstrations and shows of horsemanship taking place, as well as great exhibitors attending (including our fine selves of course), this is going to be a terrific exhibition and we really cannot wait for it to all kick off! If you are coming, don’t hesitate to come and pay us a visit! Also, if any of our English followers happen to be in Paris on a nice week away, pop over to our stall: Jean-Philippe speaks excellent English and would be happy to help!

What are the advantages of social media for businesses

Finally, we are calling out for some help. The plan for this week was to write a blog post on the advantages of social networking for businesses… In fact, it was all written and ready to go. We then put about it on our Facebook and some of the comments we received back inspired us to do it a different way!

So… we are looking for your views! We want to write a blog post based on all of the quotes we get from our followers, making it truly follower-focussed! We want to know what exactly you think and highlight all the great opinions our followers have. Drop us a message or a comment on our Facebook and have your say… be it a short quote or a long speech. Anything you think! So the question is:

‘What are the advantages of social networking for businesses…’

On your marks…Get Set…GO!

One thought on “Our Winning Team and Photo Stream

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