Why the British Showground is Still Successful

With our attendance at the ASAO conference in Newbury approaching, thoughts in the Duralock office turned towards the traditional but still very much live and kicking, British Showground. Memories of peering over fences at prize pigs and nibbling at the samples of local nosh on offer spring to mind, as well as rifling through oily boxes of old Land Rover second-hand parts. All of this in a day’s work for a British showground.

Pig at Bath and West Showground

As a nation, we very much pull together to showcase the best that we have to offer. Events held at our beautiful showgrounds across the country and the light-hearted categories bring our nation to compete over pretty red rosettes and shiny engraved trophies for ‘best prize winning sausage which includes ingredients from every square 50ft of the county to a precise length of 10.72cm.’

There are so many diverse events that take place all over the country and our showgrounds are a hub of activity for the agricultural community and beyond. They offer the perfect environment for a family day out where all are catered for, the young ones, the grown-up ones and even the hairy ones with the whiskers… and that’s just the men!

With a wide range of events scheduled across the calendar, from trade shows and conferences to dog agility competitions and everything else between, the showground of today is developed to be adaptable and welcoming to all. It enables our communities to gather and celebrate certain skills and achievements in a dedicated and professional environment. Business is boosted as companies are able to group in their market sectors to effectively reach their audiences en masse. This is good not only for the businesses, but also for the visitor, who is able to access all that they may desire from one particular sector, or indulge in a trade show which enables all of their interests to be hosted in one dedicated space.

Duralock Fencing at Royal Dublin Showground Horse Show

Colour co-ordinating with our white fencing at the Horse Show at the Royal Dublin Showground (‘Winner Alright!’- independent.ie)

So whilst the showground’s calendar is chock-a-block with an array of events across the scale, it is this diversity which makes them work and this diversity which still draws in the crowds, ensuring showgrounds a guaranteed spot in Britain’s future. A showground is a space able to move with the times, constantly adapting and providing exactly what is wanted by businesses and visitors alike.

We at Duralock have quite a lot of involvement with Showgrounds across the country, as many of the sites choose Duralock for their fencing needs. It is a widely known fact that Duralock manufacture some of the best fencing to keep both the four-legged and the two-legged in order! Amongst our clients, you’ll find the Royal Dublin Showground, Royal Ulster Showground, Great Yorkshire Showground, Norfolk Showground… the list goes on, so we must be hitting the right spot! In fact, we are still awaiting our well-deserved rosette for best in show.

Duralock provides winning fencing for showgrounds

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