From Race-Rail to Rugby

He’s back! Yesterday our Managing Director, Jeremy Seel, returned from his trip in the East. And for him, it’s out of the frying pan and into the proverbial fire! There’s been lots going on this week here at Duralock HQ and we weren’t going to let him miss out on all the fun!

As you might already know, if you are one of our fantastic followers on Twitter, Facebook, Haynet or LinkedIn, Jeremy has been attending both the China Equine Cultural Festival and the HORFA event in Shanghai, promoting our Duralock PVC Performance Fencing amongst the equestrian clientele over there. Whilst the language barrier can often cause issues, we are pretty sure that our barriers speak for themselves and we can’t wait to see the orders come in from the East!

Duralock Goes Worldwide

In a re-occuring theme, we are playing it global this week again; this time with a great order from South Africa for our, evidently world-famous race-rail! Yesterday, we got a message from Greyville Racecourse, part of the Gold Circle group, and we would have to agree with them: ‘The racing game is never quite as planned!‘. However, here at Duralock, we get straight to it, and when the deadline was suddenly pushed forward, it was all hands on deck. So we gave the job a last-minute, three day turnaround time and the lads are doing a fantastic job in the workshop, making sure the order is loaded by Tuesday!

Next stop on the geographical tour of the Duralock World, we head over to France, where our jumps, developed by Jean-Philippe Boisgontier, were last week debuted for their first race in Bordeaux! We had a great article in the Jour de Galop where Jean-Philippe explains how the partnership and design came about and we have had it translated for all of our lovely English-speaking readers. Click here to have a little look…

Duralock jumps at Bordeaux in Jour de Galop

Wasps Rugby Duralock Fencing

Changing tactics completely, we now head to Twickenham, where we can’t wait for the upcoming Rugby Expo which takes place next month. Duralock don’t just make equestrian fencing, you know…we are also big players in the sports field! After reading some exciting news yesterday on Rugby247, we are anticipating it even more knowing that the premiership clubs will be attending! We have many previous clients in the Rugby sector and have provided our fencing to grounds across the country, so we are looking forward to seeing all the new faces at the Expo!

Even closer to home (well maybe not yours yet, but there’s still time), we have been installing some beautiful boundary fencing. This little job came in and we reckon it looks a treat, with one of our vans making for a little strategic placement advertising!

Domestic PVC Fencing with Duralock Van

This week, it has been all about business. Which is great news! It means that our product is doing it’s job, like we designed it to do and that the popularity of our PVCu performance fencing is ever-increasing across the world from homes to horse racing to the grass roots!

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